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The icy water trimmed a distant horizon with an iron-grey depression, its gloomy restlessness only broken by a myriad of irritated whitecaps that flecked the surface in a thousand places.

Omens meant a great deal and the portents on this day were not favourable, the silent observer decided sadly. Seated alone on a vast, sandy beach strewn with pebbles and shells, his green-eyed gaze burned intently from beneath a thick fringe of ebony hair, overflowing across a pair of broad, muscular shoulders and falling down his back nearly to his waist, with some of the greasy ends trailing in the sand as he sat. A long, bushy, unkempt beard added to the aura of self neglect.

The man continued to stare out across the water as if he could somehow magically see beyond its vast expanse, back beyond the many weeks of hard sailing; back to his home and a family he knew he was unlikely ever to see again, not in this life anyway. The enemy was closing in fast and he would soon be joining his kin within the shield-roofed splendour of Valhalla.


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      'This was an exciting fast pace read! The story is very well researched, with strong character development! Andy Lucas is a strong writer, with descriptive skills that are thorough and florid. I felt influences of Clive Cussler for Lucas' knowledge of air and sea going vessels as well as ammunitions and gun paraphernalia. Also a shade of Dean Koontz in the author's character development and florid descriptions. And finally the storyline and otherworldliness had hints of Michael Crichton's Congo and Jurassic Park! I am sure Lucas is destined to become as successful as the aforementioned authors as his talent is strong and apparent from the onset of the prologue and all the way through this epic adventure.' 
5 Star 
Goodreads Review (C. Compass) - April 2017


                 'I hope you enjoy the books - happy reading!'  Andy

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Andy Lucas is a Bestselling AMAZON Top 50 author and #1 in category (via HOTBOX 2015)

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