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As authors, we focus on our craft and our stories, honing characters and developing plots, text and sub-text until we have our finished vision…the story that we always wanted to read but could never find! But then we have to get the text ready for the public, which means proof-reading, editing and formatting documents into a publishable form – then we have the thorny issue of a book cover rearing its head too!

Being a great writer does not necessarily translate into being a good editor or designer, although some authors are blessed with all of these skills, I realise. For those of us who are not gifted in these areas, there is no substitute for having your work professionally checked, tweaked and edited. Once the content is perfect, getting the ideal cover will then complete the full package.

I do not offer these services myself – I am purely an author – but if you are struggling to find some help in these areas, feel free to take a look at the team I commission for all my books. I think they are fantastic, and well worth checking out!

LionheART Publishing House



Karen Perkins is the author of six fiction titles in the Valkyrie Series of Caribbean pirate adventures and the Yorkshire Ghosts Series. All of her fiction titles have appeared at the top of bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic and she has sold over 50,000 books in her first two years as an independent author. Her first Yorkshire Ghost novel – Thores-Cross – won the silver medal for European fiction in the prestigious 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Karen’s latest book, Knight of Betrayal is her second novel in the Yorkshire Ghosts Series. Set in both 1170 and modern day, Knight of Betrayal focuses on the four knights – Hugh de Morville, Reginald FitzUrse, William de Tracey and Richard le Brett – who broke the sanctuary of Canterbury Cathedral to murder the Archbishop, Thomas Becket. Hiding out in Knaresborough Castle, the extreme level of their medieval sense of guilt and dishonour has horrific repercussions nearly a millennium later.

Karen is also the proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. Established to help and support Indie authors with the practical side of publishing their books, e.g. editing, formatting and professional cover design, Karen and her team have helped over two hundred books come to publication in the past three years.


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Cover design by Cecelia Morgan

Cecelia Morgan is a talented and qualified graphic designer who specialises in photography, and is currently honing her skills further at the Chelsea College of Arts – one of London’s most prestigious art and design schools.

Cecelia dedicates herself to each and every project, working closely with the author to ensure the highest quality and appropriate cover for your book to help you maximise visibility and sales. Her design for Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen Perkins was instrumental in the book winning the silver medal for European Fiction in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Cecelia believes not only in producing work she can be proud of, but that you as the author can be proud of. If possible, she prefers to read your book to fully understand the genre, characters and themes to truly capture the essence of your story, keeping you involved in the design development from the outset.

For examples of her work, please go to: