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Andy Lucas is the bestselling author of the James Pace, and the Ian Flyn, thriller series. He has also published poetry, and a children's book, written especially for his daughter. He lives in London, with his family.



James Pace Book 1

Ex-RAF pilot, James Pace, came to race for charity but now he's running for his life!   Suddenly stranded in the sweltering depths of the Amazon Basin, to survive, he must dredge up every rusty skill the military ever taught him.  With death lurking behind every shadow, being ruthlessly hunted, he has one chance. To survive, he must become their worst nightmare...


James Pace Book 2

The discovery of a desiccated corpse, in the Namibian desert, starts a chain reaction that leads James Pace and his team into another nightmare. A First World War secret operation, with teeth that still bite today! The clock is ticking...


James Pace Book 3

It had long been foretold that the monster would return...that it never really vanished. A myth? A legend? As James Pace is about to find out, this mission will take him into very dark places, where he will face his toughest challenge yet!

VALHALLA: Shadowland

James Pace Book 4

Did the Vikings land in America before Columbus? If so, were they simply explorers, or was something else driving them? The McEntire Corporation have been tasked to find out, so Pace and his team must push back the veil of history. An ancient treasure, lost for a thousand years, might hold the clue. But they are not the only ones searching for it, and their enemy does not take prisoners...


James Pace Book 5

This adventure will have James Pace ranging across the globe again, confronting a sinister cabal. With Sarah missing, and Doyle McEntire's plane blown out of the sky over the Atlantic Ocean, the race is on to uncover the truth and save the entire western world, not just the McEntire Corporation itself. The stakes could not be higher, and Armageddon is the price of failure... 



Ian Flyn Book 1

The secrets of the Bermuda Triangle remain hidden from human sight. Although deliberately unreported by the media, people continue to vanish. It is time to take the fight to the enemy, but how do you destroy something that nobody has ever seen? They have a plan...

UNDERWORLD: Dreadnought

Ian Flyn Book 2

Ian Flyn and his ragtag team of survivors, cannot return home, Not the way they came, anyway. If they want to survive, they must find another path. This will lead them far beyond Earth, on a fantastical journey that will open their eyes to the true nature of the Universe, and the alien civilisations hungrily eyeing humanity. It turns out that war, and evil deeds, are not uniquely human traits!


DARING DAISY & The Wilderness Crew

A collection of short stories - ideal for bedtime reading (7-9yrs)

All Daisy ever wanted was to have amazing adventures, but parents who were always working and two annoying brothers, made that dream seem impossible. Then, one day, a mysterious box arrived for her. When she opened it, her adventures began!



A collection of 13 original poems, covering a wide range of subjects.

Something for everyone.

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